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275 definitions by Ashley

the girl who sits next to me in chorus, that isnt vanessa
vanesssa wabbatinoz loves ........
The girl who reminds me a lot of another vanessa.
by Ashley January 24, 2004
When a female touches and rubs the male penis to give the male pleasure.
Oh he loved when i poked and stroked him!
by aShLeY April 09, 2003
someone who is not black but has a flat and wide nose, like the stereotype of a typical black person.
Jake: Shut up, you're a jew, you're supposed to have a big nose with a bump on it, but noo, you have a nig nose. you let us jews down!
by ashley October 17, 2005
sweaty ass
man i have swass from sitting to long
by Ashley September 21, 2003
a hot piece of ass that lives in KY.
ohhhh RC, I want to bone him hardcore.
by ashley February 13, 2005
Its the best time to smoke for all pot heads. either the time of day or even april 20th.
hey guys its 420, lets go smoke!
by ashley November 20, 2004
GankTo Ejaculate.Also to "Cum"
"Damn, He just Ganked all over my hand.
by Ashley August 24, 2004