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An ackowlegment of "fair play" between men about other men. Usually accompanied with 3 short head nods with closed eyes as one agrees.

Originally created by a man from Manchester living in Australia. Now a common phrase used with the English/Australian communities in Western Australia from all walks of life.
"Hey man, you see that guy benching 200KGs?"
"Wow......few beez."

"That fighter pilot kept calm and managed to restart the engine without ejecting it was pretty few beez"
by Ashinx2 September 15, 2013
A derogatory term given to a male who is miniature in size, with pixie, hobbit or elf like features (particularly with their ears). A Little Pippin is also someone is quiet and timid in nature and does not contribute to conversation and does not take to crowds.

They also are known for not contributing to society creatively, actively or with any purpose.

In some cases Little Pippins are also heavily associated with C-Class drugs.
"Please do not invite your friend out with us again, I tried to offer conversation and show him some of my photos but he just stared at me with a slack jaw. He was also very boring and his ears looked like Frodo’s."

"Yeh man sorry, but I’ve known him since school, he’s a classic Little Pippin."

"Jamie! Are you listening to your classmates? You have been starring out of the window for over an hour, is there something you would like to share with the class?"

"He won’t answer; he’s a Little Pippin Miss!"
by ashinx2 September 15, 2013

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