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Ok I dunno who keeps posting that NH sucks but they can't be more wrong. It's a beautiful state that offers beaches, mountains, and Boston all within 45 min. You get the best of all 4 seasons, fall is the best with the gorgeous foliage. We were one of the original colonies and the first to vote in the primaries and people from outside of New England don't even know we exist, nevermind give us credit for anything. We have no sales tax and the only bad thing is that all the Massholes come up to shop here, but it's ok cuz we get their money.
Chill people, lots of weed... snowboardin, skatin, beaches...
by Ashcheeks May 01, 2005
1. A man or a woman who straddle's a man's lumber (male genitalia)

2. When a man straddle's(i.e. to walk, stand, or sit on with the legs wide apart) his lumber (i.e. male genitalia)
1st Dude: "Hey, you know what I haven't had in a long time?"
2nd Dude: "What's that?"
1st Dude: "A really good lumber-straddler worth my time"

Everyone should have a little a bit Lumber-Straddler in their life =)
by ASHcheeks April 29, 2012

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