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(Verb) To be bamboozled, fooled, taken advantaged of by a complete loser.

(Noun) See Donovan
I've Hinch 'd the government because I'm getting money for a fake condition I'm pretending to have.

You have a little of bit of money and self-worth, I don't...I'm gonna Hinch you up.
by asberger October 15, 2011
A person with unfortunate facial features and thinning hair. Most view as creepy and anti-social. Someone who epitomizes laziness to the point of living off his spouse. He has an IQ of a nat and should not bear offspring, his DNA is deeply flawed. Watch out or you will be Hinch 'd. Donovan is the type of person who likes to eat lots of smelly ass burgers thereby attracting fugly women of decent financial means. Cannot be trusted and will lie and cheat to get what he wants. No redeeming emotional connedtions to anyone but himself.
Yo Dawg, you so lazy and disgustin, yous a Donovan
by Asberger October 15, 2011

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