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To be speechless, as in to have no comeback in a cus fight, or when a teacher is talking to ou, and you know he is right and just stand there. That is getting boyd.
Arunyath: " Yo man! Jack got boyd by Mr. Schaefer!"

Steve: "No way man! How embarrasing!!!"

Arunyath: "Yeah initt!"
by Arunyath April 30, 2005
A "Riken" is a quick way to make money by scamming people.
If somebody sells shares of their hand, then they will be pulling a Riken.

"Yo man! I just pulled a Riken on that neek we know"
by Arunyath April 29, 2005
This name is given to only the coolest of rulers as in things you measure thing with.

Sometimes shortened to AK
Yo! David, can I borrow your AK
by Arunyath April 30, 2005

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