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1 definition by Artski

Dictionary definition for 'Lod'

'When a group of lads go on tour they become lodz. They consume alcohol and get into fights; they're solid and should be avoided if you encounter them in groups. Often led by a smaller male, who knocks people the fuck out'

A lad on tour.
Informal . a familiar or affectionate term of address for a man; chap.

1250–1300; Polish lodde < ?; compare late Old English Lodda

—Related forms
lod·dish, adjective
lod·hood, noun <(where the lods mass to)
Lod 1. 'If this guy keeps bumping into me i'm going to punch him in the face until his eye's melt.'

Lod 2 (speaking on behalf of all the other lodz in the group)

'I don't blame you, he's a douche'.

*Guy bumps into Lod 1*
Lod 1 throws punch, the rest of the Lodz decend onto Guy, a flurry of fists, vengence in the form of complete violence ensues.

Lod 1 'We fucking showed him'

Lod 2 'Can't mess with the Lodz'
by Artski April 18, 2011