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A sexual favor, usually a handjob or blowjob.
I'm gonna get some bops tonight!
by Artoonie October 27, 2006
Digital Camera Images

Used when formatting SD Cards (or other types of memory cards) in cameras.
Your pictures are in G:/DCIM/100CANON
by Artoonie December 03, 2007
Posts per Day
used on message boards to show how many times the user posts each day, on average.

Also commonly abbreviated as "p/d"
I have a postcount of 15000 and 32 ppd
by Artoonie December 09, 2007
A poisonous mushroom. Also known as "Amanita phalloides."
I smushed the death cap in his soup and he was like...*dead*
by Artoonie August 21, 2007
To get on your knees and become someone's bitch.
by Artoonie August 02, 2008
Fuck yeah
Shaggy: Snoopy, let's go to the moon!
Snoopy: FK YA!
Doug: What the fuck?
by Artoonie August 27, 2008
Something, an abbreviation used by some dictionaries.
I wish I had pie or sg.
by Artoonie November 13, 2007
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