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2 definitions by Artemis Google

A common expression when someone is witnessing a gross, disgusting, revolting, or generally displeasing or uncomfortable action.

1st Dude: "Not Cool," a warning to the person starting the action
2st Dude: Rising anger, starting to understand what is happening
3rd Dude: Total outrage and bafflement, shock at what is taking place.
Kevin: Hey, I gotta show you something...
*starts unzipping pants*
Brad: What? Dude, DUDE, DUDE!!!
*Kevin pees on Brad*
by Artemis Google October 27, 2006
94 5
A sexually active male or female (usually a teenager) that is so obsessed with boobs, ass, dick, or body, that they are supreme ruler of other perverts; a very creepy and horny person.
"Look at Nikki Hawker, touching that guy's balls. Shes such an Alphaperv."
by Artemis Google October 27, 2006
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