12 definitions by Arshole

Prickly bastard who likes to flame circle jerking fucktards who post shitty threads.
Stasis7 crapped the thread.
by ArsHole August 22, 2003
The final word in all things pimp.
Semi On slapped her ass, bent her over backwards and kissed her navel.
by ArsHole August 22, 2003
One with a huge wang or big johnson.
May enjoy black metal and black BDUs.
Will curb stomp your fairy ass.
'Visigothan has a hueg kawk.'
by Arshole August 21, 2003
The Loremaster and Founder of the ABS, and a ninja of no small skill.
Gendou sipped his green tea as he polished his wakazashi.
by Arshole August 23, 2003
Loremaster and tea drinker. Used to carry a sword and punctuate internet posts with third person narration.
Gendou wrote another piece of fan fiction.
by Arshole August 22, 2003

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