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Very Simple tool that consists of A pump and a thing that looks like half a basketball ,... u put it over your pussy and start pumping untill U cum .
beware pussy will expand 10 times the size
i watched that Girl Pump That Puzzy
by Arosh January 15, 2005
in perisan it means Cash ... someone that has lots of cash

my last name is naghdi i got lots of cash
someone that likes to pay Crisp cash bills

HEy look its Arosh Naghdi hes gotzz cash
by Arosh January 17, 2005
someone that likes to go on webcam and show her tiny tites... to people thinking that there so Phat ...

Also Knows as Cary or as we al call her these days Rat face
Flash me those thangs
by Arosh January 15, 2005
street word in persian for pimp..
this Jakish wanna be from iran came her and his name was surush
I saw a ugly Jakish Down the street jakish has 2 menaing one is a pimp one is a hustler
by Arosh January 15, 2005
A very kewl spong that lives under sea and cock Crabby paties for mr.crab

he also enjoys Hunting Jellyfish and Singing the fun song
Also knows as the Gangsta yellow spong
That kids Trying to be spongbob
by Arosh January 15, 2005
A female of any age that has Pussy meat Curtains saggier then falbos tits

this is so to fingering alot or getting fuked by big black cocks
Arkadys Mother getting fuked is a result of this
by Arosh January 15, 2005
very simple definition English girls use.
mostly girls that are very ugly and they think there hot.. for example i go on msn this ugly ass kid adds me so iam like hey there fellow Chatter and so we talk and talk she seems nice and then she sends me a pic so iam like aiight homes lets see ur sexy face. so i download and open the folder and theres this big ass fat ass english kid with lips that can fit 30 cocks in em so i spazz at her and call her a fat hoe and all and all she said is I got Rotted so iam like wtf does that mean u ugly Burly beast and shes like i got fuked so iam like by who ur grandfather in a allyway so shes like Blah BLah Blah she coudent diss very good i think because of those lips... so ya rooting means getting fuked
Big John Rotted me good last night
by Arosh January 14, 2005

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