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A band that has meaningful lyrics in a select few of their songs, but some of them are just really stupid coz they sing about love a lil too much. But hands down, this group is better than The Darkness, who sings WAAAY too much about love.
Something Corporate - Hurricane... good emo song.
by Arley567 April 10, 2004
A band that is pretty good. But they're defitintely not punk coz if you look at the lyrics to some of their songs, they're expressin themselves, so they're what you call emo. And nothing's wrong with Emo.
Person: Who the hell is RX Bandits?
Person 2: They're an emo band, idiot!
by Arley567 April 10, 2004
A band that whines about how they got dumped and take their revenge.. kind of sick and twisted but meaningful if you look at it. One of those good Emo bands that are hard to find.
I got dumped by my Girlfriend and sat in my room and listened to Senses Fail all day to plot a consipiracy against her.
by Arley567 April 10, 2004
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