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A word used by people with no common sense. A penis is always and only on a male. Is there ever a real penis attached to a female? No. So just say PENIS.
Idiot: I saw a male penis lying around in the woods!!!
Me: A MALE penis? Well I saw a female penis lying around on your bed... dumbass.
by Arko June 03, 2006
Stands for social anxiety disorder.
Teacher with no understanding of social anxiety: Five minute presentations tomorrow, class!
Social anxiety sufferer: Man, I'm one S.A.D. sufferer.
by Arko June 02, 2006
When an urbandictionary.com editor happens to see their very own definition on the edit page, so they happily publish it.
I had an editor's miracle. True story.
by Arko June 03, 2006
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