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6 definitions by Arking Nerdenheimer

The most misspelled word on Urban Dictionary.

You're all dumbfucks.
by Arking Nerdenheimer February 27, 2009
191 77
An excuse to create other genres of music.
Failure: "Do you listen to any Post-Hardcore Melodic Death Punk?"

Me: "Get the fuck out."
by Arking Nerdenheimer February 25, 2009
61 48
A nerd-tastic character class that is prominently featured in many popular RPGs. Can burn and maim convieniently placed wagons, carts and the like, while bringing full throttle balls-to-the-wall nerdgasms.
My +79 Wagon Slayer wipes shit on your fagworthy Paladin
by Arking Nerdenheimer January 15, 2008
10 1
A large bank of knowledge that is possesed only by pedophiles.
Amber: What are you doing on that website Jerome?

Jerome: Boning up on my encyclopedophilia.
by Arking Nerdenheimer April 27, 2008
11 3
Ridiculously drop-tuned guitars combined with insanely heavy speed-drumming and grisly bass-baritone death screams about the impending apocalypse.
"Satan's Deathfuck Cometh".

Extreme Doom Metal at it's finest.
by Arking Nerdenheimer February 27, 2009
7 1
When you click the post button twice, because you are too impatient for the next page to load.

This essentially sends the message through to the database twice, resulting in two posts that are exactly the same. Only works on certain websites, or when your internet is slow as fuck.
User A: Anyone got a PS3?

User B: Yeah

User B: Yeah

User C: lol twin-post fail

by Arking Nerdenheimer March 10, 2009
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