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The act of ejaculating into a destroyed article of clothing before throwing it away.
Ryan Collett ripped his boxers from so much bending over, that he gave them one last parting-gift before disposal.
by Arkell November 23, 2008
A disease characterized by traits primarily portrayed by Ryan Collett. Characteristics include:
- Asian LG fetish
- No reciprocity in foreplay
- Cleaning phobia
- 30min showers
- Chicken Nuggets
- Caersar Salad
- Titleist hats
- Owns more sweaters than can be worn in a month
- Big head
- Would marry a TV
- Rediculously gullible and stubborn
- Non-spontaneous
- Self-perception as porn addict, then quiting for 2 weeks
- lazy
- Gym-slacking, gym-talker
Man that guy loves his LG's, he must have Collitis.

She didn't give him a BJ? That sounds like Collitis.

You eat moer Caesar salad than a person with Collitis

by Arkell November 23, 2008

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