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2 definitions by Aries87

Preet is a Hindu/Punjabi name meaning beloved. To describe someone that you cherish, someone that is special and close to your heart. It is to describe someone that is unlike anyone else you've met before... someone that holds a special place in your life and in your heart...
I can't stop thinking about Preet!!! He makes me go weak in the knees... he takes my breath away, every single time....
by Aries87 June 24, 2010
A way to describe someone that is better than nice! Someone that is so nice, that nicest just isn't enough to describe them.
Brian: You're nice.

Naina: You're nicer.

Brian: But you're the nicest!

Naina: But you're the nicerestest!!!!
by Aries87 April 07, 2010