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A JoWooded game is when the publisher doesn't support its developers and the users properly, and release their videogames in the worst shape possible, rendering them totally unplayable because its full of bugs and feels unfinished.
There're a lot of JoWoodeske publishers around the world.

JoWooded also means that a person, most likely a gamer, that got cheated by buying a crappy game that fulfilled none of his/her expectations.
Dude 1: Hey dude, what about Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods, is it worthwhile?
Dude 2: No, it's another JoWooded game, don't ever touch it if you still conserve your dignity.
Dude 1: It's really that bad? Then what about Mistmare?
Dude 2: Nooo, that's another Jowooded game.
Dude 1: But it wasn't published by JW, wasn't it?
Dude 2: No it wasn't, but it's crappy and unplayable as Forsaken Gods.

Another example:
Dude A: Man, I just adquired Dark Void. What a sh*t load of f*ck it is. I'm mad and disappointed.
Dude B: Just got JoWooded.
by Argenguy1 September 27, 2010

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