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Another name for the vagina.
Jane showed Dick her vajingo.
by Arflahgha April 28, 2006
A male unicorn that has had it's testicles removed.
Look at that poor eunichorn prancing around over there! It can't get any action...
by Arflahgha September 16, 2006
Something so incredibly ghetto that it surpasses the maximum level of ghetto.
Did you see that guy rob that 7-11? He's so thugular!
by Arflahgha April 29, 2006
A really firm man butt. Can also be seen on female body builders.
Ryan has a very nice baflexaflex, I just wanna give it a squeeze.
by Arflahgha November 01, 2006
The half-way mark between badonkadonk and badinkadink. So if one has a badinkadonk their butt is medium sized, but not flat.
Jill has a fine badinkadink, but her friend Sasha has a nicer badinkadonk.
by Arflahgha November 01, 2006
The act using two pieces of loose-leaf paper to take notes, do school work, etc. The second piece of paper is to cushion the first one and make writing easier, neater, and less harsh.

Mainly practiced by those in high school.
Tanya gave Harold two pieces of paper; one for writing, and one for cushion.
by Arflahgha October 28, 2006
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