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2 definitions by Arevaderche

The act of sitting in front of a store waiting for Black Friday, usually involves consuming copious amounts of Energy Drinks, power bars and having a generator.
"Jacob sat infront of Best Buy all Thursday, talk about obsessed"!

Yeah, he was salegating"
by Arevaderche December 04, 2010
Any form of music with a quick, but epic beat that is damn perfect for driving down the road with the windows/top down. The beauty of driving music is that any form of music can be called driving music.
"Unnatural Selection by Muse is one hell of an amazing driving song. That short organ at the beginning is perfect for speeding up and the guitar riff is eargasmic!"

"Thats nothing, the song The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang has that sweet beat going to it with catchy lyrics."

"You two can argue all you want, any song can be great driving music"!
by Arevaderche November 29, 2010