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in simple terms, the-highly-underestimated-shit
(thats just the gameboy game)
however, the gameboy game, and the TV show, have a very strange story, they are about 10-year-old kids that go to different towns to have monster fights to try to win battles to become the best, shortly after the beginning of this life threatening series, the main character, Ash, who has a pokemon that electricutes him in just about every episode, decides to run around the rest of the city's (based on the names of colors, starting in Pallet town,) with a most likely much older adult who likes hard rock types and cute fire types.
2 friends are on a trip together, the one with the gameboy who played pokemon for 2 hours and is now asleep, is a total badass, his/her friend decides that he/she is bored and decides to play the friends gameboy, at firsts laughs that the kid is playing pokemon, but 2 hours later has evolved charmeleon into charizard, a much more badass version.. when friend A awakes to find that his pokemon game has been played, because he is a badass, he pulls out his real fucking pokeball, and beats the shit outta his buddy
by ArcticSoldier35 May 21, 2008

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