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A slang term or insult for Mormons, it plays on the fact that many of them live in Utah, Nevada, and other Western Desert states and that some of their stereotypical financial and social practices mirror those of Jews.
Robert is Mormon, lives in a Million Dollar house in Salt Lake and drives a Lexus. What a Sagebrush Jew.
by Arctic Wasp November 03, 2010
To turn off the water in somone's toilet, and than crap in it.
Jordan Spiked My Beer with Exlax so I Dry Docked His Toilet
by Arctic Wasp February 02, 2008
The hat worn by the Greatest Country on Earth, the United States of America.
I'm going to go to Canada. I hope it doesn't fall off our head!
by Arctic Wasp January 27, 2008
Somone who raids people's assholes to take their butthair and use it for sick purposes, such as fake mustaches.
He keeps talking about people's butthair, I think Bob is a closet buttpirate.
by Arctic Wasp May 02, 2008

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