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The female version of "busting one's balls" or a friendly reminder that you're only joking.
Matt: "Brenner you ugly!"
Brenner: "Shut up!"
Timmy: "chill We're just rubbing on your tits."
by Arby2013 October 15, 2009
Claiming to have had sex when none of your friends believe you.
"why's your bed all wet?"

"I had the most amazing sex last night."
"with who?"

"I don't know."
"are you sure it happened?"
"actually maybe I didn't"
"Just another case of imaginary sex"
by Arby2013 October 17, 2009
Having any type on sexual intercourse in the Complex at Connecticut College.
Hey Augi! why is Caroline in your bed?... Did you just have Sex in the Plex?
by Arby2013 October 16, 2009
When a woman gets fingered forcefully by someone who is incredibly inexperienced
She was complaining the whole way home from that party because that guy she thought was perfect totally rotary dialed her in the guest room.
by Arby2013 January 12, 2012

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