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4 definitions by Aratzio

Infantile impotent statements made by kooks.
Teh Chuckweasel made a kookpotent threat "I would not hesitate to destroy any of you the very moment you'd become a nuisance to me in RL."
by Aratzio November 24, 2004
12 2
An impotent usenet kook.
Teh Chuckweasel was making online death threats.
by Aratzio November 24, 2004
9 6
Incoherence in both English and Italian.
Since he's known to be incoherent in English and almost certainly incoherent in Italian, he is therefore incoherentissimo.
by Aratzio December 09, 2004
5 8
The ability to Plonk or place in a killfile a usenet poster multiple times.
Alexa plonked the Chuckweasel for the third time this week.
by Aratzio December 03, 2004
9 12