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Infantile impotent statements made by kooks.
Teh Chuckweasel made a kookpotent threat "I would not hesitate to destroy any of you the very moment you'd become a nuisance to me in RL."
by Aratzio November 24, 2004
An impotent usenet kook.
Teh Chuckweasel was making online death threats.
by Aratzio November 24, 2004
Incoherence in both English and Italian.
Since he's known to be incoherent in English and almost certainly incoherent in Italian, he is therefore incoherentissimo.
by Aratzio December 09, 2004
The ability to Plonk or place in a killfile a usenet poster multiple times.
Alexa plonked the Chuckweasel for the third time this week.
by Aratzio December 03, 2004
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