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3 definitions by Arachnaphobia

Another name for alcohol. Spwaned from the epic novel by Homer "Nicolas Broulette".
Hand me some Taste Good, Bitch Nizzle.

Gladians can't handle their Taste Good.

Yea, one two one two, hand me some Taste Good.
by Arachnaphobia February 17, 2005
1-what you call your homie friends
2-anything and everything
1-Hey bitch nizel.
2-Lemme see that bitch nizel
3-Hey i want a side order of Bitch Nizel to go with my Burger, Bitch.
by Arachnaphobia February 17, 2003
When u land a trick on your skateboard u yell this excitedly.
yea nigga one two,one two yo!
by Arachnaphobia February 17, 2003