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Suburban, preppy girls or women who like to max out their father's/husband's Visa cards on a daily basis. Usually White, they use phrases like, "Oh my God," on a regular basis, and have usually never done a good day's work in their lives.
The Barbies spent entire day at the mall, checking out hotties at Abercrombie & Fitch before getting an iced chai to go.
by April March 13, 2004
male version of the brazilian wax, involving hair being waxed off the man's balls, butt crack, butt cheeks and pubic region
Aaron got a sunga yesterday and he still hasn't stopped crying from pain
by april November 18, 2004
A lubricant used for intercourse. Also, something that was already slick, but has a newly added quality of slickness to it.
"I was unable to hit dat ass properly, so I grabbed the slickety for a little extra help."
by April November 16, 2003
A loser who is attracted to Canadians. Has moved up to internet "dating" vezzy with her damaged vagina due to a kid being shoved thru it. Wants to be step-dad and diddle the kid when its old enough.
Tomx wanted to bang April, but settled for the loser, Vezzy.
by April September 23, 2004
Another word for- "disability" or unable to do something because of struggle
I cant open this can of peaches! Im so disibilited!
by April January 14, 2005
To sit on a a school bus with a person who you dont know or smells bad...
If you get on the school bus and your best friend doesn't save you a seat, you have to sit with a kid that smells like ham, and makes funny noises... you now have the official deseise of, Munoenya, you may not die, but in some cases, it can get ugly.
by April January 14, 2005
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