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The best band in the whole world. This Trip Hop / Electronica bouquet of moog beats and screaming orgasms, put all things into perspective.

I hope they release another album in 2005, I just got the DVD 'Wonderful Electric' Alison is amazing singing live!!!!!!!
For reference of works seek:

Felt Mountain
Black Cherry

10 / 10
by Apricot-sunrise January 08, 2005
The best up and coming band of 2004. Set to do great things in 2005. Their album has went to number one many times and was the biggest selling album of the year.
Hits include:

Take your mama
Comfortably numb (cover)
The best song off the album is track 10 titled 'It can't come quickly enough'.
by Apricot-sunrise January 07, 2005
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