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What can happen after staying in a cubicle for more than 7 hours a day. Warning signs are numbness of the ass and the ass-ular region, an increase in body fat, and the loss of excitement for ones love life and loss of excitement for many hobbies which one found pleasurable prior to working in a cubicle. Cubicular cancer is curable if it is found before it spreads to the brain and testicles. It can be killed in this stage if the employee finds a new job, works out, goes golfing, and gets a girlfriend. When this cancer spreads to the brain it will cause uncurable adult ADD and severe depression, when cubicular cancer spreads to the brain it is usually deadly.
Guy 1: Hey, did you guys hear about Joe? He's got cubicular cancer!
Guy 2: No more late nights at work for me...
by AppleiPodRoolz January 10, 2006

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