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adj. -term of derision used to describe a man who takes on trappings of wealth inappropriately in an attempt to be perceived as prosperous. noun- A male who can be described as such at all times.
1) Look at that bunch of Royal Douche medical students wearing their scrubs into a bar.

2)The funny thing about any guy with a constant Blue Tooth in his ear is that he is defacto such a Royal Douche nobody wants to talk to him.
by appleb May 24, 2011
After getting a vastectomy, telling the girl you are sleeping with you are not getting married unless she gets pregnant leading to massive amounts of sex. Aided greatly by her belief you have money.
After his second divorce, Dr. Roberts bought a ferrari and vastectomized half of Nashville.
by appleb July 29, 2010
Farting while engaged in 69, giving a Dutch Blindfold, or at any point where the person giving you a blowjob's head is between your thighs.

Sometimes used during Sigma Chi initiation.
I do not care how pissed Lisa was. Bitting down is way too harsh a response to a Polish Wind Tunnel.
by AppleB July 21, 2010
(adj.) Someone who sucks up to anyone they percieve to have a large amount of money.
Todd is such a wallet fag. Ever since he found out about Steve's trust fund he keeps calling him to hang out.
by appleb July 19, 2011

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