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to make someone officially or unofficially a fuck-related individual(e.g. a dickhead) either ethically or practically.
Don't worry we can fuckerize him tomorrow at the meeting.
It took the cake to fuckerize Peter.
by Apparent January 08, 2009
classic Persian word for :

A bum
A leacher-like indivudual
A delicate blend of lazy-ass, chav and an unpleasent guy.

This word applies to gentlemen rather than ladies.
Jorge is such an aldang, he never wants to live on his own.

You play aldang in this house and you are so out.

He is a proper aldang, last night he backbit Linda, teased Bob spitefully and ruinted the party.
by Apparent June 20, 2010
1.An individual whom screws up everything by any possible means.
2.A goofy dude who has a messed up life and want to fuck up people's life in a friendly manner.
3.School or University tuition fee which is a ripoff procedure towards the poor students and their parents.
4.An item or commodity which is meant to be useful but it's not. It does exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to do.
1.you screwfee!!! I don't wana hang around with u anymore.
2.He is trying to steal my life. He is a fucking screwfee indeed.
3.University of Farmarbar's screwfee doesn't equate the quality of educational system.
4.This screw driver is a screwfee.
My Car's screwfee cooler generates hot air.
by Apparent January 24, 2009
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