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Someone you can always be happy with, whenever he smiles his eye smile captivates you. he will always listen to you and be sweet at the most unpredictable times.. you'll love to listen to him laugh cause it's really infectious, you'll love how he hugs you and kiss you and whisper in you ear that he loves you, he will also make hand signals that means "I Love You" or "I Love You Too" whenever someone else is watching. he is the most caring person in the world and he will never ever leave you behind when your sad, lonely, angry, frustrated or devastated.. he might not know what to say when you experience those emotions but a simple hug will suffice. he is a Gamer, and you should never stop him when he wants to play his games. and believe me.. when you see him play.. you wont want him to stop either cause the way he play his games.. the way his head bang at every move he makes.. the way his fingers hold the controls and the way he concentrates on the game will captivate you. he is a child lover and he will be the best father and husband you could ever ask God for. a Giron will always be there. but at times they tend to be easily upset especially when a loved one is involved.. a Giron is also very cute when jealous but can get angry when it goes overboard. they are very sensitive about your emotions and will quickly worry when your making a sad expression or when you stop talking all of a sudden.. a Giron is a good person whom you'd want to spend your life with
Giron is not explainable through an example
by Appango~ October 08, 2011

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