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To paraphrase Robert Crumb, perhaps the only daily comic in America worth taking a'gander at. Common fodder includes the lyrical nature of the English language, the upsetting predeliction towards mindless consumerism rampant throughout Modern America, and gargantuan roadside artifices. Blends postmodern, absurdist, and slyly leftist leanings in a potpourri of at once dry and eclectic humor.
If you can't get it, that's your loss.
"Good Lord Martha! Observe this new strip they're running in the Post!"
"Why, that is merely a microcephalic clown reiterating the quatrosyllabic name of a popular Sears product!"
"This isn't nearly as broad as Blondie! I'm going to go register my disgust with the Editors!"
"And I'll utilize this as an opportunity to nurture my nascent polemicism and cloak-and-shadow narrow-mindedness by intoning my ill-advised position on the Intra-Net, Dad!"
"Good thinking, my boy. Cripes, you can even blame the whole mess on Acid if you feels like it!"
by apocalypse cow January 07, 2005
(slang) Vietnamese Person...
"Wake up and smell the Napalm, son!"
"That doesn't smell like normal Napalm"
"Well, son, that there's two parts Napalm, one part unfortunate Rice Paddy dweller!"
by Apocalypse Cow June 02, 2004
Chinese bastardization of the name Mark. This insipid little gem was brought to us by my little friend Dum Fuk, what goes by the nickname "Mark." Because of his thick accent and thick skull, Mr. Fuk can only pronounce the name "Maqwa". Naturally, his friends were tickled pink when they initially heard the utterance, and thus stuck with the name.
Maqwa, Din Din Kimchee Fung Choo Napalm Log!
by apocalypse cow June 04, 2004
Miniscule, oddly heteromorphic Central Asian country, run by egomaniacal Marxist Egyptian.

Recurring theme in acclaimed blog of idiosyncratic Ramzistani expatriate Yakov Dreyzinski...
for best example
by apocalypse cow January 27, 2005
word used for chinese/east asian person, or a chinese/east asian family. Inspired by Dum Fuk, a good friend of mine from Formosa. see maqwa, pawa, mawa
wa, yoar dinnah' is leaddy!
by apocalypse cow June 04, 2004
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