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Universial verb that can be used for everything, much like the word "smurf" in the Smurf universe.
For example: 'Bam it in there' instead of 'put it in there'.
'Bam it to me' instead of 'give it to me' or
'I totally bammed her last night!' instead of, well you know.

Often "being bammed" is used to mean that someone has been beaten or mastered in or at someting.

Can also be mean success, or that one has completed a task or part of a task in a satisfactory manner or that one is pleased with the way things are proceeding.

In the latter case, sometimes "z" or "zu" is put infront of it to make it sound more cool, as in "z'BAM!" or "zu'BAM!"
This is sometimes taken to the extreme with a "zu'BAM-eti-BAM!!" (in which case one often also pretends to shoot at things with ones fingers, called a fingerbang)
Ex 1) I stayed up and studied for hours last night, I'm sure I'm gonna bam that final!

Ex 2a) BAM! A+! Who tha man?

Ex 2b) I asked that cute waitress out and she said yes. Zu'Bam!

Ex 2c) Last night I had sex with her and her sister at once! Z'BAM-eti-BAM, I'm a living GOD!"
by Apfelstrudel August 10, 2006
Same as a towel; i.e a pothead.

Also character from South Park who is a towel, and from whom the slang term is derived.
Dude you're allways high, you're such a towie.
by Apfelstrudel October 16, 2006
The act of forming a gun with ones hand, with the index and sometimes also middle finger as the barrel, and pretending to shoot at someone.
Sometimes one exlaims a "BAM!" or "Bam-eti-bam!" at the same time, indicating that one has "bammed" (i.e. beated or mastered in some way" the person being fingerbanged.
Ha, I won! Bam-eti-bam! *fingerbangs*
by Apfelstrudel August 10, 2006

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