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Alternative spellings: Porkland, Pokland.

Refers to the uncool youth in Brunei.
These youths are so emo, scene, always think fags are cool, emulate rappers, wear eyeliner, sit at The Mall wof whistling, wear shirts emblazoned 'FBI' or 'Police' or 'SWAT'

Their English is atrocious.

Description of a poklein male:
-adorns himself with bling bling.
-wears eyeliner
-hair spiked with tons of gel.
-loiters at The Mall at least thrice per week without spending any dosh.
-whistles at an average looking girl.
-dirty grubby elbows.

Traits of a poklein female:
-Self dyed hair (which is usually a violent red color or a revolting blonde color)
-wears only T-shirts and Jeans (no miniskirts)
-Fake Converse sneakers.
-Brings a sloppy looking shoulder bag (which is most likely their school bag)
-stares at any girl which is more attractive or cooler looking than her.
His sister is a poklein.
by Apakan June 20, 2007
A multipurpose word which has no particular definition.
She's so bitchy- She's so baie.

Your hair is so cool- Your hair is so baie.

Those stilettos are gorgeous- Those stilettos are baie.

Person A: You're fat and ugly
person B: Baie! (combination of fuck off, bitch, shut up, jerk, whatever, etc)
by Apakan June 20, 2007
one of the most convenient bruneian words.

1. conceited.
refers to teenagers who are obsessed with Friendster taking lotsa similarly identical photos of themselves and putting the captions as 'vain'.

2. people who think they're cool when they're not
These wankers think they have superb English when they do not. They rip off song lyrics from songs. Listen to Emo songs like Panic! at the disco, death cab for cutie, taking back sunday.
She thinks she's all that when she's not prasan kali!
by Apakan June 20, 2007
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