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Derived from the tendency of individuals coming in contact with one with this specific syndrome to declare, "Damn, he's Terry Sexual." Terry Sexual Syndrome is a genetic disorder in which a person is born with so much awesomeness they are irresistible to every gender, race, and creed and have more ass then they can handle. The simple acronym, Totally erotic, really relentless yesuality, has been created to assist in remembering the symptoms.
He gets so much so often, he must have Terry Sexual Syndrome. Even I want him.
by AnythingYouWant April 08, 2011
The quality of person's ability to coax a yes from another, no matter what they are saying yes to. Having much yesuality is often associated with sophistication and refinement, but many notable "yes" men and women have found other equally awesome methods.
Sean Connery as James Bond is your typical guy with a lot of yesuality, but people who have made incredible strides in other forms of yesuality include: Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, and Rick Moranis. I'd tap that.
by AnythingYouWant April 08, 2011
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