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Literally, coffee with milk. In South America, a mixed race person who is light brown, neither clearly white or black. Spanish translation of Brazilian "café com leite". Not an insult, cafe con leche is considered very attractive.
Halle Berry is cafe con leche,with a white mother and black father.
mulatto mixed race melangian mestee mestizo café com leite
by Anubis Dhole March 29, 2010
A person originating from a melange, a mixture of races or ethnic groups. Not used for a first generation multiracial person whose parents are of different races, but for someone whose parents were already mixed.

mestee mestizo melange multiracial
Gwen Wong is a melangian since one parent was mixed Filipino and Chinese and the other was mixed American and Portuguese.
by Anubis Dhole March 28, 2010
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