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To go basically into over drive when u crank a beastmode
especially when u fight when u crank a beastmode fighting u begin to b able 2 take more punches and dish more out and fatigue becomes a thing of the past. its almost like godmode but u dont want anyone 2 go beastmode on u cuz you'll likey wind up dead because a person who cranks beastmode in a fite is most likey angry and beastmode will only wear off when they feel like the've stomp yo ass enuf or feel sorry for u.
Justin 10 pieced me in my face and knocked me down but Crank a beastmode when i got up he kept punchin me in my face but i didnt feel anything now i drew back and power punched his ass, once he fell down i cranked beastmode again and started stompin his ass.
#beastmode #cold #hot #hurt #pain
by Antwon Key August 24, 2007
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