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The wombo generally can be reconised by their starnge coloured hair. Wombo himself has green hair where as his sister wombat (commonly known as charmander)has red hair.
The wombat is very efficent at making sad and depressing mum jokes to which no one laughs.
The wombat always likes a good pat on the head because it makes him feel loved even though deep down he knows that no body likes him.
Wombats are relativly easy to pay out even with the simplist line such as "NO WOMBO". It is easy to tell when a wombat is enraged because there face starts going red, they become silent and start puffing up to their full size. After this it is likely that the wombo will attack you with the most unco fighting moves you have ever seen.
Student: Hey man have you done your home work?
Wombo: Your mums done her homework!!!
by AntiWombo November 09, 2005

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