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Someone who you believe to be a close friend, but as soon as your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend is over, they begin to hit and ask them out.
After Alex and Samantha split up, the next week Luke asked Samantha out on a date. He was a vulture
by Anti-Product August 22, 2011
While two girls 69 (one girl on her back one on top) two guys have sex with one girl form either side and high five while doing so.
guy1- damn i still cant belive those girls went for an Twin tower!

guy2- me too bro, but they did.
by Anti-Product August 16, 2011
Like the Eiffel tower but its with 2 guys and 2 girls. one guy gets a blowjob, and the other has sex with the other girl and that girls eats theother girl out, and the two guys high five during it all.
jacob and david had a tokyo tower with these two random chicks they found on the beach
by Anti-Product August 16, 2011
The worst town in the world, get the fuck out of here or it will drag you down.
person1- hey have you heard anything about matt?
person2- no man, he never left talent, oregon.
by Anti-Product August 16, 2011
When two women and one man get together and have sex. one women lays on the bed with her legs hanging off so the man can sand up and have sex with her, while the other women sits on the girl laying downs' face and proceeds to make out with the male.
guy1- Dude i heard you did a Vegas Tower with megan and ashley is that true?

guy2- hells ya bro! but remember what happens in veges stays in vegas so thats all i can tell you.
by Anti-Product August 16, 2011

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