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The Wtfbus, is like the Stfu truck, and the legendary "FailBoat". It is said normally in place of "Z0mgwtfh4xbbq" thus to save time. It is roughly as long as the "Shortbus" but three inches longer so people don't mix the two up. It can be found in the southern parts of New-Mexico, riding high on the roads of "WtfLane". Do not confuse this with the STFUhighway, or the FailLake.
Fred: I r kan hazez da bucket?

Eric: WTfBUS?

Fred: :D
by Anti Bit August 02, 2009
It has taken years for scientists to do all the studies to thus prove that 1 + 1 is actually 2. After a long and hard (lol, long and hard) test involving one apple, than adding another. The tests were proven that 1 + 1 is in fact, 2.
White boy: Omg, this is so hard, could you help me with my math?

white boy 2: Errr, the answer to that question is. 1 + 1 = 2.
by Anti Bit February 04, 2009
When an online game such as RuneScape blocks a word like "Poof", so you are forced to write "p()()f".
David: Man, I was so just 'bout to say that but I got ****** by a random event.

Lil' timmy: p()()fed?

David: yea. dis philter phails.
by Anti Bit February 03, 2009
The highest ranking word to come off of "Awesome". It is the 1337n355 of internet speaking packed into one Aweshumness word!
Irish bob: Oi' This here fishin bait sucks ass!

Asian fred: That's because you forgot to dip it it Aweshumsauce idiot!

Irish bob: O rly? And where might I find this Aweshumsauce?

Asian fred: Your momma!
by Anti Bit February 04, 2009
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