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best free mmorpg ever made, corrupted by turks and gold farm bots that ruin the game economy see bush. created by joymax
Dude WoW nerds dont have shit on silkroad.

turk: SLM!
player: fuck off turk
by Anthr[a]X August 10, 2008
A korean based company that makes a profit from the frustration of its players, usualy in the form of buying premium tickets in silkroad to log into a server. and refuse to ban someone who buys silk on a regular basis. dark eden and what ever the other game made by them are just excuses for not fixing silkroad
player: stupid botters
player2: dude look he has silk pets and premium no way hes getting banned joymax is cashing in on him.
player: bet hes a turk too
by Anthr[a]X August 10, 2008
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