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When someone dosnt know somthing they are being green
Fernando: I know what its like to be poor because I go to Ojo Seco more than you
2 days later......
Pancho: Member what Fernando said about poor people
Tony: OH YEA!!! He was being so green.
by Anthos August 06, 2006
When you or sombody else is about to leave. (future tense of broke)
Guy 1:Hey man I think she's about to break.
Guy 2:Yea the we should break too so we don't look stupid.
by Anthos August 01, 2006
When sombody leaves you say they broke. (past tense of brake)
Guy 1:Sup
Guy 2:Sup where'd LaQuifa go?
Guy 1:She broke upstairs
by Anthos August 01, 2006
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