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a winged hamster welding coconuts.
the flying hamster of doom will rain coconuts on your pitiful city.
by Anthony Quintero-Castañeda December 11, 2004
a type of deep sea fish that has christmas lights on it and a custem lure that looks like homestar, but if strongbad were one he would have an cool back deck for dinner and dancin'.
or I could be one of those deep sea fangly fish...
by Anthony Quintero-Castañeda December 11, 2004
A type of flying turtle in the world of Mario they are loyal worriors to Bowser.
the most famous parakoopa is parakarry.
by Anthony Quintero-Castañeda January 21, 2005
a green creature that is in the halo serious in the first halo they were given nick names like keligion, pimples, and walking zits.
The flood are coming!!
by Anthony Quintero-Castañeda March 06, 2005
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