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A word that is derived from the racist term nigger. Many ignorant suburban white people believe that this word will get them beat down. Obviously it could be considred offensive to a black person that you do not know. It is not any diffrent then walking up to a stranger and cursing at them. That would obviously offend a stranger, but friends curse and swear at each other in a joking manor all the time. This is also the casse with the word nigga. When people know you, words become less offensive because it is abvious that you don't mean it.
1. Anthony (a white person from detroit talking to a random black person): Hey whats up nigga?
Random black person: *punch*

2. Anthony (a white person from detroit talking to his black friend reggie): Nigga you heard that new song from Common?
Reggie: Nigga that shit is out cold nigga.
by Anthony DiVizio October 02, 2006
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