166 definitions by Anthony

Anthony's obnoxious face
Derivation: Latin: scrampus - lick my taint
thonius - please
Scrampthonie is so scrampthonyesque that you can smell it from down the hall.
by Anthony October 20, 2004
The spawn of all noobs and fanboys on the IGN message boards, A horrid place that only the bravest of all enter
Killzone board sucks
by Anthony July 10, 2004
To take a shower and get off all the stank and funk. Originated from Anthony.
Yo I'm gonna go defunkify in the shower right quick.
by Anthony May 10, 2004
Medium to small bird, various species generally closely related to the Parrot species. Regulary misused by Americans who call their budgerigars 'parakeets'.
American: "I have a parakeet"
Me: "Cool, what sort of bird is it?"
American: "A parakeet"
Me: "No dumbass, its a budgerigar."
by Anthony January 07, 2004
A satanic peice of machinerey that can move people to and from any point in the space time continueum... or the grand canyon...
by Anthony May 13, 2003
person of any race that committs a crime
these goddam shittums are runnin wild tonight.
by anthony May 19, 2005
APCyberax is a Nickname well know on the internet by olsen-twins fans. APCyberax made and runs many olsen twin sites and was also well know in the newsgroups.
I know APCyberax from the newsgroup
by Anthony December 30, 2004
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