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Most often found in bad fiction (especially fanfiction), wangst is the combination of "wang" and "angst"; it's a condition where a character is supposedly unfortunate and deserving of pity but the real emotion the viewer/reader is supposed to feel is awe at the character's awesome power and l33t sk1llz.

A good writer can write a believable character who has a lot of power but whose life still sucks. A really good writer can even write a believable character whose life sucks as a direct result of having such power. But when bad writers try to combine these two things, the result is often wangst.
She writes all her vampires the same way -- they wangst about how horrible and tragic their curse is but it's like the only actual effect of being a vampire is your sex is always great and you always look amazing when you go out clubbing all night.

Oh man, I can't believe the Gary Stu in this story. He's an unbeaten combat fighter, a gourmet cook and a famous rock star, holds three doctorates, can fire any gun and pilot any vehicle, and now he's wangsting that he has too many women chasing him to try and have his babies!
by Antaeus Feldspar December 04, 2010
A gnoron is a person of decent intelligence who, because of their own willful ignorance, is no more competent at dealing of the world than a moron. A moron cannot help their lack of intelligence; a gnoron, by contrast, is responsible for their own state.
I thought I had read the dumbest anti-vaccination arguments out there, but someone managed to hit a new low: they asked how we knew that the protective effect of vaccines didn't just come from the placebo effect! It takes a real gnoron to come up with a theory that cockamamie.
by Antaeus Feldspar January 22, 2011

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