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Life is a stage where each one of us has the chance to act and prove who we really are. I've heard that life is beautiful, life is suffering, life is f*cking stupid, life is a gift. the list just goes on..
And I've thought about it awfully alot. What comes down in the end my friend is how you are living your life. There are people in one hand starving till death & some rich people blowing cash like "there's no second day," there are people who link their lives in drugs & there are hardworking people workin' their arse off. There are people who are true religious devotees and there are extremists violating every religious notion there is. So the thing is, what does LIFE mean to YOU?
1 Live your own independent life.
2 Be active & be an example.
2 You think of one.
by Anraul December 11, 2006
Is a leader. A true representation of how current world politics is being run. Bush is as open as it can come.
The hidden political truth people have respect for but if that's the case, why not respect Bush?

We all know how deep the game of politics can be run.
by Anraul December 11, 2006

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