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1 definition by AnotherOneOfThem

A Nickelodeon TV show about 2 camwhores named Carly and Sam who host an online show with their gay tech expert Freddie. The running joke is that Freddie has a crush on Carly, while he is using it as a cover for his latent attraction to Carly's older brother Spencer. Spencer, a dropout, is Carly's legal guardian while her father is Over 9000 miles below sea level in a navy submarine. Nothing is known about Carly's mother.

Sam is an obnoxious wench with a neglectful mother. Her father is never mentioned.

Freddie would probably be straight, but was ruined by too many flea baths, sweater vests and ointments from his mother. His father is never mentioned.

The show is apparently introducing 10 year old girls to real life: Parental Abandonment, Dropping out of school, homosexuality, and of course, paying for college with camshows.
Nobody is sure how iCarly came into existence. Many believe that it was created by /b/, in an attempt to troll Nickelodeon. The legend goes as follows:

Nickelodeon Exec: We need a new show that will teach kids about life. We are accepting email submissions for 24 hours.

*24 Hours Later*
Email from: Anon@somesite.com
Subject: TV Show Idea
Message: How about 2 camwhores with single parents and dropout siblings?

Nickelodeon Exec: Brilliant!
by AnotherOneOfThem June 08, 2010
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