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An astronaut (say a NASA astronaut from the ongoing Curiosity project or any such in the future) who dies on / on his way to / on his way back from / because of something related to his/her journey to/from MARS, which is for the sake of Science/Astronomy/humanity.

Of course, I doubt about any need to elucidate it. Play with the words 'Mars' and 'martyr' is all it is. This is a word of the future!
Hope there won’t be any Marstyrs :)
This new pioneering NASA project is gonna create a lot of Marstyrs because of its deadly mission conditions.
#nasa #astronaut #mars #martyr #death
by Anoop Dixith May 31, 2013
A person obsessed with and/or deeply addicted to licking/rimming/fucking an asshole.
He's such an assoholic he probably tells you the number of times a person had anal by her asshole's diameter.
#booty #asshole #anal #sex #adult
by Anoop Dixith April 26, 2015
Related to OR because of OR due to alcohol.
We both like whiskey, so we're alcoholically in sync.
I never drink beer, I'm kinda alcoholically stubborn.
by Anoop Dixith May 26, 2016
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