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A phenomenon where, in a landscape of office cubicles, a number of people stand up to look around over the tops of the cube walls. Usually an unexpected/loud noise or verbal exchange will cause the curious to rise like prairie dogs out of their holes. The people will scan the cube horizon and soon sit back down.
The white noise system was going nuts and making crazy barking sounds--nobody could get much done because of all the prairie-dogging.
by Anonymus Bosch June 30, 2006
noun--A non-professional person skilled at mechanical or electrical inventions and/or repairs.

verb--To engage in minor repairs or inventing.
John's an excellent tinker; he got my lawn-mower running in ten minutes.

John's always tinkering. His latest widget gets my mail and throws away the ads.
by Anonymus Bosch September 29, 2005
"the ton" A speed of 100mph.
John nearly did the ton on the way to work.
by Anonymus Bosch September 29, 2005
An item or feature that, while it initially appears to or is presented as having value, actually turns out to be relatively worthless.
My ISP sent me a CD of supposedly great software, but it just turned out to be nothing but gimcracks and swag.
by Anonymus Bosch October 04, 2005
An online gamer that buys (with real money) currency in an online world (pretend money) from someone who's really good at figuring out how to make money in an online world.

The exchange rate can be outrageous... 20 million in-game currency units for 10-20 actual dollars.
Pythagoras: "That level TWO Cleric just gave me a million gold pieces for no reason!"

Fluffybunny: "Methinks I smell an eBay Millionaire."
by Anonymus Bosch October 17, 2006
To front money you don't expect to get back, refunded, or applied to future expenses (as in pulling cash out of your pocket).
I wanted to get that fish-food service, but I had to come up with $45 out-of-pocket.
by Anonymus Bosch June 20, 2006
A character in fiction (usually TV or movies) that will meet their demise almost immediately at the beginning of the story. Can also be a real person that is clearly going to fail at the onset. Derived from the original Star Trek TV series in which unimportant characters (wearing red shirts) would accompany the main characters on an adventure and get killed before the first commercial break.
(pointing at TV screen) "See that ditzy chick with the radio? Red-shirt guy!"

"Manfred wants to play darts with them."
"Red-shirt guy."
by Anonymus Bosch January 06, 2006
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