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A word used by former Ball State Students to describe how boring the town was, or to describe its local heritage. it is related to the word funcie, which also describes the city this way. The only difference is that muntucky came about twenty years before the invention of the word funcie
What will muntucky do next?
by Anonymuos March 28, 2006
A drug commonly found in Western Columbia, found on the white sand beaches near scorpian dens. Made when a male accidentally fertilizes a white barked Willow tree acorn. Commonly smuggled to Texas by Columbian coffee importers. The drug is five times as potent as one shot of a Green Dragon. As they say , "It will keep you trippin' fo' weeeeeks!"
Dude, I just got off the longest white scorpian seed trip!
by Anonymuos January 13, 2008

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