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1 definition by Anonymous1610

A fucking racist asshole that decided to pick on a poor black man just because of his race. When the man defended himself, he got a thrashing from the older man and required medical assistance. Police further investigated the story and found out that the elder man was on drugs and mentally unstable at the time. A sad sack of shit, poor excuse for a living being. Gives a bad name to white people, and perpetuates the idea that all black people are ignorant. One word: Obama.

He is epic as in Epic Fail Beard Man.

White supremacists, go fuck yourselfs.
EBM: I'm a 67 year old unstable racist asshole on drugs. I will beat you up because you are black. When you retaliate, I will kill you.

Black guy: What the fuck did you say about my race?
EBM: Shut the fuck up. *beats him up*
Black guy: you are sued. Didn't even kill me, haha racist ass hole. Enjoy your days in jail, retard.
EBM: Nooo I'm such a Nazi fucktard, why am I so fucking racist and stupid? I am not an epic beard man!
by Anonymous1610 September 18, 2010
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